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Where will Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) be in 10 years?

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Date: November 22, 2017, 1:00 pm

Where Will Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) be in Ten Years?

 ERP technology has seemed relatively settled over the last decade or so, but with the advent of cloud, mobile and social / collaboration tools, innovation in ERP technology has shaken up the market recently. The reinvention of what has been traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been a decade-long journey to migrate traditional mega systems to newer innovative platforms.

So where will ERP be in 10 years from now?

 1- Cloud first: Cloud will provide an economical, functional alternative to large-scale ERP deployments (and investments). Cloud will allow flexible “access anywhere” that the traditional on-premise ERP solutions can’t provide.

 2- Mobile: Count on mobile and apps as being heavily involved in the future of ERP. Easier to use, readily accessible information on any device to access information on the go, will be a driving force in ERP.

 3- Social collaboration: Specialization and collaboration will be huge in ERP, with greater social integration and improved communication across the entire supply chain. Collaboration will become more important in certain industries and use cases such as product design, procurement and collaborative demand planning.

 Join us for this informative session, where Steve Bassaw, Product Evangelist for SYSPRO Canada will preview the future of ERP and provide insights into how to be prepared for what is to come.


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